Advanced communications systems have never been easier

Contact us today and we will set up an initial consultation for Two-way radios, dispatch consoles, digital conventional and trunk systems.

Communicate with purpose

We provide design, construction, licensing, sales, service, rentals, installation, and maintenance for a wide range of wireless voice, data, voice-data recorders, wireless internet, and 911 consoles, or any number of our emerging new products and video applications. We offer both on-site and in-field installations to our local customers. Our installation team has experience in performing every type of one-way and two-way wireless installations. We are capable of performing the full spectrum of installations from simple "dash mount mobile" installations to the most complex Mobile Data, Paging, SMR, PCS and Digitally Encrypted systems. DCS has the skill, range of services, stability, and resources to be your long-term communications partner. We systematically determine each individual customer's wireless needs and develop a solution that best matches your organization’s communication goals. Contact DCS Radio Communications today for a consultation.

Save time & money

We are professionals that can design everything exactly as you need and make sure you are up and running fast! Downtime can cost money, or even lives we take this seriously.

Quality Checked Products

You'll not have to wonder if the radio is working when you use our equipment. We insure everything is triple checked for quality and function.

Multi site

Communication with other locations is no problem.

Dispatch Console

Dispatch consoles that are dependable and reliable. The heart of many communication networks we make sure it operates in a reliable and healthy way so you can rest at ease.

Customise Your System

You shouldn't be limited to only out of the box solutions. If you have specific needs we can customize and create a system that works to meet it.

Easy to Use

Training and documentation on a communication system can be the difference between a successful installation and a lot of four-letter-words. We will make sure you get the most out of your system.